Workshop on the Formation of Malaysia
from the Federal-State Relations and
Constitutional Perspectives

Kupi Table Talk Series (with UiTM Sabah)


Discourse on Malaysian Federalism: Streamlining
Federal and State Administrative Jurisdictions

Forum on “Dirgahayu Negaraku” with
Malaysian Youth Parliament Sabah

The Art of Nation-Building Competition and
Exhibition (TANB)

Seminar on Strategies in Ethnic
Accommodation and Political Bargaining in
Comparative Perspectives (with Universiti
Malaysia Sabah)

International Conference on Elections and
Democracy 2017 (with the Faculty of
Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti
Malaysia Sarawak)

SEEDS Talk: “Sudah Bersediakah Anak
Muda Menerajui Politik Sabah?”

SEEDS Economic Roundtable 2020 (SER20)

SEEDS Electoral Project (SEP20)